AA Overseas Training System

Proper and adequate training is vital to the success of the MDWs in having the necessary knowledge and skills that they need to perform on their jobs. In an attempt to ensure and maintain a high-quality standard of MDWs, we have partnered with quite extensive training centres in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar that are licensed and accredited with the appropriate government authorities. On-site visitations and observations are welcomed upon request. We have the appropriate facilities and capabilities to provide strict and relevant training to our MDWs to ensure that they are not only qualified but are also the best candidates.

After interviews, the selected and qualified MDWs that come from the provinces are then transferred to the training centre for accelerated training. They are required to undergo 30 days of intensive orientation and preparation to receive certification by the qualified assessor or trainer.

Language proficiency course (basic English)

Classes are conducted with usage of learning aids such as individual earphone and microphone to interact directly with the trainer, moral education and orientation on foreign culture and custom etc.


Hands-on housework using modern equipment such as usage of vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and related knowledge in maintaining household furniture and appliances etc.

Basic cooking class

Hand-on training on basic Singapore cooking and operations of kitchen equipment such as electrical kettle, stove, oven etc.

Caregiving for infant and toddler

Unlike others, we observe the most efficient and cost-effective way to train the MDWs in host countries rather than in Singapore. Besides, training in Singapore can prove to be too costly and come with some limitations. Constraints such as time, mental adjustment and adaptation for the new arrival MDWs could pose a great challenge for them to cope and learn optimally.

For those MDWs that require special skills training especially in looking after the elderly patients that require special care, we have already accredited with a licensed local provider such as Aaxonn Pte Ltd. which is an approved Caregiver Training Provider under Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

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