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Employers Not Allowed To Accompany Helpers To Medical Exams From 29 Aug 2021 (Sunday)

Date: 18 Dec, 2021

From Aug 29, the half-yearly medical examinations for foreign domestic workers must record their body mass index (BMI) and look for evidence of suspicious unexplained injuries.

Furthermore, home-based medical examinations will be banned from Aug 29.
When the new rules kick in, doctors must submit all forms for the examination, regardless of the test results, to MOM.
The new changes are part of a slate of initiatives that were announced by the ministry last month to improve support and boost the well-being of domestic workers here.

Currently, doctors only screen for pregnancy and infectious diseases like syphilis, HIV, and tuberculosis during MDW’s 6ME.

Recording the MDW's BMI, will allow doctors to compare against the domestic worker's 6ME records to detect any significant weight loss and will also be looking out for signs of "suspicious and unexplained injuries" as per CNA report.

Doctors will then submit every helper's 6ME forms to MOM regardless of their test results. This change shows our authorities initiative in enhancing existing guidelines to oversee domestic workers abuse cases better.

Read more at [https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/doctors-record-maids-bmi-check-signs-abuse-part-routine-medical-check-aug-29-mom]

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